sound nectar studios


Today marked our 1st year as a company!

Starting a Audio Post-Production house 2 weeks before a worldwide pandemic shutdown Las Vegas & most of the country was not the launch we anticipated but we have been plugging away doing post work we are proud of!
In a major political year, we self-produced political ads that were licensed in critical swing states, wrote scripts for well-known PACs, remixed previously recorded spots and collaborated with Voice Over talent to showcase their political voice! It turns out we are more than just audio engineers around here!

Starting out in 2021 we have already spent hundreds of hours on important creative projects we are anxious to share here.

A massive THANK YOU to everyone for all the support, the encouragement, the referrals, and the trust you placed in us for your Voiceover Demos, Commercials, Videos, and Films! It is deeply rewarding and beautiful to spend our time creating meaningful projects!