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Demo Production

Custom Tailored Voiceover Demos by Sound Nectar Studios

We are engineers first and foremost and we approach demos from an analytical and critical mindset. Every demo starts with an understanding of what our clients and creative directors are expecting to hear.

Your demo needs to be you and it needs to be attention grabbing.  We all know, you only get one shot for a first impression. It’s why the whole process is taken very seriously; we spend a lot of time and effort on every demo we create.

Here is a bit of the Sound Nectar Process

Consultation by Brandon Perry at Sound Nectar


We start with a Consultation to understand your voiceover business’ strengths, challenges and goals.

Copywriting by Brandon Perry at Sound Nectar


Copy Writing is done with attention focused on you, your voice and your business strategy.
Recording by Brandon Perry at Sound Nectar


Intensive Recording and thorough Directing to get the best possible read from you with the finished product in mind.
Mixing by Brandon Perry at Sound Nectar


Mixing each individual piece separately, giving the feel of multiple finished projects stitched together rather than a halfhearted demo recorded and pushed out in a single day.
Arrangement by Brandon Perry at Sound Nectar


Lastly, our seating chart arrangement happens, making sure the Order grabs attention and best represents your abilities!
Trust an engineer who is already creating these spots for broadcast and dives deep into understanding company’s branding. Every Voiceover demo of ours should have a completely different sound, tailored to you and your business NOT branded for us as demo producers.

Many leading voice over talent have already trusted our engineer, Brandon Perry, to hand craft a voiceover demo that showcases their Voice and raises the celling on their business potential. For years, those acclaimed demos have been helping experienced Voice talent move to the next level in their Voice Over career.

Voice Over is a desirable industry, no wonder it is a crowded field, so let’s discuss what agents need to hear from you to consider signing and what a creative director is looking for when casting.

Here’s a sample of Sound Nectar Studios’ custom voiceover demos

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