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They’re Trying To Kill Us – Documentary Trailer

As a company and as human beings we are dedicated to racial equity and justice. So it was truly our privilege to be able to work on this trailer for the upcoming documentary They’re Trying To Kill Us. We completed this mix a couple months ago but wanted to share the project as well as their crowd funding page.

And within a week of being on indegogo the project has exceeded it’s funding goal! If this is an issue you want to learn more about or help fund, please visit Hungry For Justice’s indiegogo page!

Launch is a GO

We’re not new but this website is! I am Brandon Perry and I want to thank you for checking our studio out. This space will be used to post our latest work, outings, voiceover tips and other musings. We’ll share what we do and what we know and hopefully you’ll get something useful out of it. Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help you out in any way!

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